Parkour in the Park is a parkour and freerunning clinic and exhibition intended to bring people together and to promote parkour and freerunning in a natural and relaxing environment. It happens every Saturday from 11am to 1pm at a beautiful park in either Dallas or Fort Worth, usually regardless of weather conditions. Traceurs and freerunners from PK O.U.T. ( facilitate the happenings. Many are professional gymnastics instructors and several are certified parkour instructors. The atmosphere is friendly and easygoing. It just happens… Every Saturday.
Participants’ typically range from 8 to 50 years old. Most are in pretty good shape. Everyone is encouraged to exercise good judgment when deciding to participate, especially for the first time. The movements in parkour are simple and natural but can be overly strenuous for beginners who attempt to advance too quickly. Slow down and enjoy the journey.
Come play or just watch. You’re sure to be entertained, empowered, and enlivened by the experience. Be sure to bring sun protection and comfortable active wear. Running shoes are recommended. Bottled water and healthy snacks are provided when feasible.
To stay updated on PKnP dates and locations you can either sign up for the newsletter, here on the website, or follow us on Facebook. Also, check out our other website, to get a sneak peak at the future of health and fitness.
Special thanks to you and all who contribute their time, money, and resources to make these happenings so much fun!

PKNP Video

Background Information
Parkour and Freerunning. What are they? Parkour and freerunning are often confused for being the same thing but, in fact, they are not, as many traceurs are quick to point out.
Parkour is a selfless and utilitarian mind-body discipline. It’s about being strong to be helpful. Practitioners are called traceurs (males) and traceusses (females). Their goal is always to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible – no frills or tricks included. Parkour is not a sport just like being a Jedi is not a sport. They are mindsets.
Freerunning, on the other hand, is like an artistic sport with the objective being the expression of artistic style and personal freedom. It’s about flow and creativity and there doesn’t even need to be a Point B, as with parkour. There are no rules or limitations. Both parkour and freerunning utilize natural and man-made features of the cityscape to leap, climb, swing, balance, and vault over. Most traceurs and traceuses also practice freerunning.
Fort Worth Water Gardens
1600 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX, 75102
Reverchon Park
 3505 Maple,
Dallas, TX, 75219
Robert E. Lee Park
3400 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Dallas, TX, 75219

For Who?

•    Designed with people of all ages and physical abilities in mind.
•    Children and teenagers wanting to have fun, get active, and learn some awesome athletic skills.
•    Adults seeking a healthy, exciting, and dynamic way to have fun, get more active, and play with friends and family.
•    Anyone wanting to feel energized and improve balance and flexibility.
Every Saturday from 11am to 1pm.
Parkour in the Park is always FREE!

We want these events to be accessible to everyone. Love donations are greatly appreciated and go towards purchasing water, snacks, and band-aids.

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